Tami Luchow is passionate about reaching people of all ages and in all walks of life with her life affirming and DREAM chasing messages. Tami has had the good fortune of meeting amazing people all across the country.

Here are just a few words from people who have been touched by Tami and her programs:

"I have heard rave reviews about your presentation at the Middle School. This is the kind of program our students need to hear. Being unique and different is something that children struggle with, especially at the Middle School level. Your story, I know touched many students and faculty members."
—Dr. Mort Sherman, Superintendent of Schools, Tenafly Public Schools

"Tami is truly a special person; unique in her energy level and commitment. Surely her disability has shaped her life and made her stronger. It has given her a confidence in her abilities, and yes, a sense of joy and creativity... One understands almost immediately, that she has a purpose for her life and that it will always include education and helping others appreciate special people. I really cannot say enough about the outstanding qualities of this woman."
—Joni E. Barnett, Yale University, Office of Community Relations

"Camp is a place where children of all backgrounds are brought together with common goals–independence, growth and fun. When we value what makes each person unique we have a richer camping experience. Tami did an incredible job of personalizing the difficulties of working with differences and diversity. Our staff members related to her background and presentation and her message really resonated with them."
—Sam Borek, Owner and Director, Woodmont Day Camp

"My daughter enjoyed Tami Luchow's program about valuing differences. Not only did she enjoy the workshop, but she came home talking about it...and she has actually retained some of the important messages over time. She is at an age where kids are starting to be a bit harsh in terms of how they relate to each other, and so Tami's points on recognizing what is unique about each of us and treating everyone with respect really hit home."
—K.M., Pre-School Parent

"Recently I was reflecting on the powerful impact of the program which you delivered to our faculty and seventh grade students. As we had discussed initially, the strength of the program lies in the presentation which you first do with the faculty to sensitize them about your work, and the follow-up meetings in small groups with each seventh grade class. Students, faculty and parents were quite impressed with the program. In particular, many parents told me that their children were very animated in their discussion with them at home."
—William Beluzzi, Principal, Tenafly Middle School

"Any group of young people would benefit from a presentation by Tami Luchow. It is an experience they are not likely to ever forget, and one that can help to develop sensitivity, compassion and courage in all children."
—Dr. Abby Bergman, Principal, Ralph S. Maugham Elementary School