Tami Luchow is a diversity consultant, aspirational speaker, writer, change-maker and a former journalist with NBC News. She runs leadership, diversity and inclusion and motivational workshops nationwide. Programs engage people by actively thinking about and understanding how the workplace and the world operates when we investigate what it means and feels like to be different. Tami embodies the belief that our strength as people is that we are all UNIQUE. Her programs challenge people to live the words DARE TO BE YOU(TM) and DARE TO DREAM(TM) and DARE TO BE DIFFERENT(TM).

Tami Luchow spent many years with NBC first at Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and then with Dateline NBC covering stories across the nation. Tami Luchow was born with a physical disability. She uses her life experiences as someone who at times has a visible difference and at other times an invisible difference to shed light on the fact that many of us fluidly move between multiple minority communities. She was a competitive ski racer on an international circuit. She uses that competitive spirit to stand up for a community that often is not heard in boardrooms.

Ms. Luchow has spoken to people around the country, always with a strong emphasis on her belief that every person CAN DO and CAN SHARE within the community and the world. Her programs help companies make sure that each and every voice is heard for the betterment of the whole. For people to self-identify they must have an environment that is safe,receptive or welcoming. All her programs programs make sure that every voice is heard because often when she walks into a room people have no idea why she represents diversity and inclusion and that is the point! She is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia University, Teacher College where she received a BA in and an MA respectively. Ms. Luchow likes to think of herself as someone who was born to be different! Her workshops enhance leadership, promote self-esteem for every attendee, while always respecting and embracing differences.

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